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The Backwaters

The backwaters are a combination of lakes, lagoons, canals & estuaries; you can have the unique experience of catching fish, prawns, lobsters, crabs etc. using the traditional fishing methods.

Get into a country boat and row your way through the gentle river, which has crystal clear cold water, along the palm fringed backwaters and paddy fields, absorbing the beauty of Kerala villages. Visiting fishermen village, boatyard, fishing harbor and chatting with fishermen are some of the things you will never forget in your life.

You can see country boats carrying paddy or fish, fishermen casting the day’s catch, reapers singing in the fields, agile men climbing on coconut palms, toddy tapper on coconut tree collecting toddy (fermented sap), children splashing water, storks walking and looking for their prey in the paddy fields, the kingfisher diving in for fish, the twitter of birds. The soft warmth of the rising sun and the wind whispering on sand - the voice of Kerala. Then experience the refreshing typical Kerala rain "The Magic Monsoon".

cheria beach resort
cheria beach resort