cherai beach resort

Cherai Beach Resorts is located at the Gateway to Muziris, the heritage capital of Kerala, 25 kms from Cochin International Airport. This tropical paradise enchants you with its charming exotica. Seductive beaches, serene backwaters, swaying coconut lagoons, lush green paddy fields, delicious cuisine - a sublime heritage.

You will feel the uniqueness the moment you step in to our resorts. We wish to share with you our life, our culture, our home. You are our Royal Guest!

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"Kerala is God's Own Country,
Welcome to His Permanent Address."

"Bringing out the best that nature has to offer;
A rare Blend of Beauty;
The Beach and Backwaters for you."

Stay With Us

  • Doctor's Villa cherai beach resort Doctors villas are independent A/C villas having an area of 400sqft with all modern... read more
  • Garden Villa cherai beach resort These are Kerala villas surrounded by picturesque greenery with all modern facilities... read more
  • Doctor's Premium Villa cherai beach resort Doctors Premium Villas are modern Kerala homes in a perfect setting of village ambience... read more
  • Mallika Villa cherai beach resort As the name implies, these villas have a courtyard adorned with very famous Mallika... read more
  • Sunrise Villa cherai beach resort Sunrise Villa, as the name implies, are designed in such a way that the golden rays... read more
  • Mangrove Villa cherai beach resort These villas are built with an area of 900 sqft with all modern amenities, having 2 bedrooms... read more
  • Pool Villa cherai beach resort Pool villas resemble the Fishermen villas situated along the bank of the backwaters... read more


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  • cherai beach resort


    OOTTUPURA is the multi-cuisine restaurant which serves a variety of delicacies to suit your taste. Coconut and fish abundantly available are staple ingredients in the delicacies served...

  • cherai beach resort

    The Conference Halls

    KOOTHAMBALAM, our A/C banquet hall with the view of Arabian Sea and a capacity of 350 people. INDRAPRASTHAM (A/C)can accommodate 150 people. RAJADHANI, our A/C conference hall...

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ayurveda cherai beach resort

CHERAI BEACH RESORTS approach wellness essentially through Ayurveda-the ancient knowledge of holistic wellness in the world. Ayurveda is the science dealing not only with treatment of some diseases but..

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cheria beach resort
cheria beach resort